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Undeniable and unyielding forces are shaping our societies, cities and the very world around us. These are trends and themes that are not passing us by, they are phenomena supported by strong independent evidence in long-term changes in demography, globalisation and technological developments.

Irrefutable trends appeal to us as investors because they are already in motion; they are simple, observable and are happening right in front of you.

Our investment process aims to capture the powerful returns potential of these transformational forces.

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Long term trends affecting our world

Thematic investing has a track record of delivering strong returns. We believe that carefully selecting businesses that are aligned with global structural trends is a robust way to achieve our aim of generating capital growth for our clients over the long term.

Data from MSCI and Ravenscroft Calculations. Data period from 31st December 2000 to 31st May 2021. All data is in Sterling with income re-invested. Ravenscroft Thematic Index is a custom composite index based on MSCI World sectoral index data and representative Ravenscroft discretionary portfolio exposure weightings. Past performance is not a guide to future performance and may not be repeated. The value of investments and the income derived from them can fall as well as rise. Investors may get back less than they put in.

Global Brands

While you’re deciding what to wear, we’re evaluating the future of global brands.

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From robots sewing and cutting the fabrics you wear, to AI algorithms predicting style trends, technology is changing the future of fashion.

Emerging Economies

While you’re selecting from the menu, we’re reflecting on the future wealth of society.

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Today’s affluent consumers have different spending priorities. Their desire for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle is spearheading a future shift in the consumer landscape.


While you’re going for a run, we’re contemplating the future of healthcare.

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Increasing life expectancy around the globe drives demand for better healthcare. Breakthroughs in drug research and smart medical devices suggest longer lifespans for all in the future.

Future of Urbanisation

While you’re on your way to work, we’re considering the future of urbanisation.

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All over the globe, people are flocking to cities from rural areas. Generating growing future demand for better infrastructure, more houses, and sustainable electric cars.

Technology & Innovation

While you’re choosing your next binge watch, we’re thinking about the future of technology.

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Like streaming, the exponential growth of technology will continually present consumers with new solutions and disruptive alternatives in the future.


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