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Buy and hold precious metals

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If you're looking for an alternative investment, or to diversify your existing portfolio, we can help.

We offer the opportunity to purchase and store a variety of precious metals via BullionRock, part of Ravenscroft.

BullionRock offers dealing in, and storage of, precious metals which are held in a secure vault in the Channel Islands. The business enables clients from all over the world to purchase and store gold, silver, platinum bars and palladium bars and coins in the exact size, weight and purity they choose.

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We are a very personal business, treating our clients as individuals and are totally committed to transparency of pricing, charging and reporting. We welcome all types of clients and are very happy to discuss any specific requirements you may have.

Our team

Personal service from a knowledgeable and proactive team

BullionRock is well supported by the compliance, dealing, finance, client services and account opening teams of Ravenscroft. At the heart of our business is the founder of BullionRock, Robin Newbould, who also helped to establish Ravenscroft back in 2005.