Cash Management

Our Approach

Diversification and risk control

Dedicated resources for you or your team

Placing, settling and reporting of your cash transactions

We treat cash as an asset class in its own right, just like equities, bonds, property or bullion. Cash can be part of an overall investment strategy or the whole investment strategy, depending on your objectives and risk preferences.

Why use a cash management service instead of a bank?

As a specialist cash manager we can add value to your cash through the services we offer. We do the work for you; finding the best rates of return (often above standard bank rates); placing, settling and reporting your cash transactions and their performance.

As a client you require security for your cash; a strong, consistent level of performance and accessibility when you need it.

Our services

We offer two services, depending on the location of your assets:

Unrestricted Source Income

We provide a well-diversified portfolio of high quality banking names, using certificates of deposit to deliver security and liquidity to fit your specific need. The majority of banks we use for this service are UK domiciled or are UK branches of international banks.

For clients with a minimum investment portfolio size of £5 million

Client benefits:

  • Diversification and risk control – ensuring your cash exposure is spread over a number of institutions and therefore spreading your counterparty risk
  • Providing dedicated resources to you or your team
  • Easy administration - quick and easy account opening
  • Consistent and proven track record in cash management

Our clients range from investment funds, insurance companies and government bodies to charities, trusts and private individuals.

Non-UK Source Income

We offer cash portfolio consisting of a range of banking instruments which include; offshore bank call accounts, notice accounts and fixed term deposits to provide liquidity, security and diversification

For clients with a minimum cash balance of £1 million

Client benefits:

  • Risk control: ensuring your cash exposure is spread over a number of institutions
  • Access to institutional cash rates and bespoke portfolio service
  • Dedicated cash management team based in the Channel Islands
  • Quick and easy account opening
  • Consistent and proven track record in managing liquidity

Our clients include; offshore private investors and trust companies.

We believe a well-diversified cash portfolio consisting of high quality banking names can deliver the combination of security and liquidity that you as our clients need. 

Our team

Personal advice from a knowledgeable and proactive team

Our dedicated Cash Management Team is available to assist with all of your liquidity needs and you can speak directly to the manager responsible for managing your cash.