Arts & Culture
28 Jun 23

Priaulx Library - Guernsey

Each year Ravenscroft sponsors the Priaulx Library's garden exhibition which attracts thousands of islanders and visitors. As part of our continuing support of the library, we have also donated a number of vital pieces of equipment including a display cabinet and more recently a digital kiosk and large screen so that information about the library, its collections and exhibitions is easily available.

The exhibition made a welcome return in 2022 after a hiatus in 2021. Celebrating of 125 years of the Guernsey Press (a fitting tribute as the Press have covered the exhibition since its inception) a selection of iconic images and news stories from the past century were on display and included unique insight from the reporters and photographers behind the stories.

This year's exhibition - Picture Perfect: Guernsey Vintage Postcards - features a vibrant collection of vintage postcards that perfectly preserve early 20thcentury Guernsey. With more than 30 images on display, showing everything from traditional Guernsey occupations such as fishing and farming, to historical modes of transport, architecture, and the island’s coast, the exhibit includes a collection of images that, until now, had remained largely hidden.