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Disinflation to reflation: a rosier outlook for bonds and equities


In his first, information-packed update of the year, Ravenscroft CIO Kevin Boscher looks at some of the key questions facing investors and markets as a whole following the rollercoaster ride that was 2023.

The Covid-19 pandemic was a macroeconomic earthquake, with the reverberations being far-reaching. In this podcast, Kevin considers what is happening with inflation and discusses why the Fire vs Ice debate still rages for 2024. He also discusses the bond and equity rally that occurred towards the end of last year and examines whether this trend will continue.

Finally, he provides an outlook for major economies and highlights what we should keep an eye on over the next 12 months. Although the ‘easy money era’ is almost certainly over, and despite the enduring challenges, the long-term outlook remains broadly positive.

You can read more from Kevin in his latest Boscher’s Big Picture.


(00:39) Will the bond and equity rallies persist?
(02:03) How the pandemic was a macroeconomic earthquake
(07:25) Why the Fire vs Ice debate rages on for 2024
(10:47) The ‘easy money era’ is almost certainly over
(12:48) The global economic, inflation and interest rate outlook remains challenging but is improving
(13:51) The cyclical transition from disinflation to policy reflation (falling rates) is the key theme for this year
(16:01) The outlook for bonds and equities looks positive for 2024 and beyond
(20:07) Our long-term themes remain compelling but are evolving
(22:40) What we’re keeping a close eye on for 2024
(24:47) The macroeconomic environment remains uncertain, but we are hopeful that the market rally can continue and broaden out as the year develops