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Our Investment Process

Long-term global trends such as changing demographics, accelerating innovation and increasing wealth are shaping the world around us.

We invest into global trends and themes that we believe will benefit from these long-term changes. These are not passing trends or fads, but ongoing phenomena supported by independent evidence.

Our process is straightforward: instead of trying to forecast the next big thing, we prefer to invest in what is happening in world trends and themes. We don’t gamble on political events, economic outcomes or foreign exchange movements. We don’t use leverage, nor do we have geographical bias. Instead, we look for ways to gain exposure to these world themes, whilst carefully focusing on the price that we have to pay. 

We believe investing in funds that are exposed to long-term structural trends can lead to faster growth compared to the broader market.


Why we invest this way

Thematic investing has a track record of delivering strong returns. We believe that carefully selecting businesses that are aligned with global structural trends is a robust way to achieve our aim of generating capital growth for our clients over the long term.


Global Brands

This theme aims to harness the growing population by investing in consumer staples and consumer discretionary companies. The former represent predictable sales of small-ticket items you use every day, like toothpaste, while the latter account for luxury purchases like designer handbags. The emergence of a burgeoning and consumption-hungry middle class in Asia and parts of Africa is acting as a particularly strong tailwind for these industries as the newly wealthy seek Western brands as status symbols.


Emerging Economies

Urbanisation is a costly and complicated process. Truckloads of raw materials must be poured into a developing city every day, while the resident population may not have enough skilled workers to keep up with production. This theme covers both the companies that help build our cities and those that serve the growing populations.



As the population grows and ages, healthcare demand is rising. Our funds invest in myriad companies that aim to profit from these shifting demographics. In order to gain diverse exposure to healthcare, we own a combination of pharmaceutical companies that benefit from blockbuster breakthroughs and manufacturers that specialise in prosthetics and surgical tools.


Technological Innovation

With perhaps the most wide-reaching mandate of all, the technology and innovation theme is very exciting. When evaluating candidates, we not only demand a track record of innovation and disruption, but also demand clear evidence of the potential to do so again in the future. We seek to buy industry leaders across the tech space, from the likes of blue chip service providers to dominant mobile phone manufacturers selling to the emerging middle class.

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