Why we’re still enchanted by Disney

Long-term Ravenscroft Global Blue Chip holding The Walt Disney Company is going through a period of significant change at a time of heightened industry disruption and mounting tension between creatives and their corporate masters. The market is somewhat sceptical Bob Iger’s restructuring plan will be successful let, alone what the long-term future may hold for one of America’s biggest and most successful entertainment businesses.

In this podcast, Ben Byrom and Sam Corbet discuss the challenges Disney faces and argue that its stock is undervalued, but not without its risks.


(1:02) - How and why we monitor earnings
(2:22) - Our journey with Disney
(6:40) - The shift from linear TV to a DTC service
(8:05) - The value of Disney
(11:30) - Q3 update & Chartered Communications agreement
(15:13) - Broadband opportunities & Comcast deal
(22:05) - Adding value for consumers


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