Precious Metals

If you’re looking for an alternative investment, or to diversify your existing portfolio, you can purchase precious metals.

Ravenscroft offers dealing in, and storage of, precious metals, held in a secure vault in the Channel Islands. This enables you to purchase gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars and coins in the exact size and weight you choose.

Committed to transparency of transaction pricing, storage charges as well as accurate and timely reporting, we welcome all types of clients and are happy to discuss any specific requirements you may have.

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Physical Precious Metals

Precious metals in the form of gold, silver, platinum and palladium have shown an ability to provide capital growth over the long-term. As relatively liquid, but non-correlated assets, these precious metals might be considered as an insurance against the fall of other investments, such as equities and bonds.

Ravenscroft offers allocated bullion, in the exact size and weight requested, that can be sold or withdrawn, in whole or in part, at any time. There may also be financial reasons to switch if you hold exchange-traded or fractional ownership precious metals, as some physical assets are tax-exempt for UK investors using Ravenscroft, both from value-added and capital-gains tax perspectives.

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Secure vault storage

All four precious metals can be bought and stored securely with Ravenscroft in our vault in Guernsey without the imposition of any form of value-added tax or goods and sales tax. Furthermore, you can buy a number of gold and silver bullion investments which are exempt from UK capital gains tax.



Gold, platinum and palladium bars, coins and grain: 0.35% per annum*

Silver bars, coins and grain: 0.50% per annum*


*Charged monthly in arrears on the value of assets held by us as at the end of each month, subject to a minimum fee of USD10 per metal, per month, using the last available London Bullion Market Association USD fix rate of the month.


  • How are my assets registered?

    Your bullion is held registered in the name of our wholly-owned nominee company on your behalf. Your interest in the nominee company's aggregate holding of physical assets will be reflected in the account maintained for you whilst your relationship will solely be with Ravenscroft. The physical assets held on your account will be your property so that Ravenscroft, via its nominee company, will provide bailment services only and shall not take ownership as trustee.

  • Are my assets allocated?

    Your assets will be held in the vault on an allocated pool basis, with the exact amount of bars, coins and grain required stored and segregated by asset type.

  • Can I have a safety deposit box?

    There are segregated storage boxes available. Please contact us for details.

  • Can I collect my assets or have them sent to me?

    Of course, you do not need to store your precious metals with us. Please contact us first to discuss as there will be costs to pay, there may be tax or duty implications to consider and customs declarations to be made, which we will run through with you when we speak to you.

We are committed to providing a flawless services for our clients regardless of their location, home currency, time zone or language.