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Income Fund

The Income Fund's objective is to deliver capital appreciation through regular interest-bearing bonds and equity dividends.

The income generated is paid out quarterly or rolled up, depending on the investor's requirement. The Fund's strategy is driven by a thematic thought process where the manager seeks to align the portfolio with powerful, incontrovertible trends that will provide a long-term tailwind to the selected securities. The Income Fund has the ability to invest across a wide range of assets to fulfil its mandate including: government bonds, corporate bonds and equities. We are active managers and not constrained by stock market indices or benchmarks.


Fund Details

Latest NAV
'Accumulation Class' - dividends are automatically reinvested into the fund
'Distribution Class' - dividends are paid out quarterly
Acc class - £143.13
Dist class - £110.38
Annual Management Fee
'Accumulation Class' - dividends are automatically reinvested into the fund
'Distribution Class' - dividends are paid out quarterly
Acc class - 0.75%
Dist class - 0.75%
  • Performance Chart
  • Performance Analysis
    1 Year 3 Year 5 Year Inception (1 October 2009) Annual compound growth rate
    11.5% 4.5% 14.6% 85.7% 4.3%

    All figures are based on the Fund’s O Accumulation class and are inclusive of income distributions and fees.

  • Asset Weightings
    • Equities
      • 15 Global Equity
      • 5 Thematic equity
      • 6 Emerging Market Equity
    • Bonds & Cash
      • 29 Corporate Bonds
      • 25 High Income Bonds
      • 5 Cash & Equivalents
      • 6 Government Bonds
    • Specialist
      • 10 Specialist
  • Portfolio Breakdown
    Portfolio Breakdown
    Royal London Short Duration High Yield Bond 7.5%
    Titan Global Hybrid Capital Bond 7.5%
    Schroder Strategic Credit 7.3%
    Jupiter Dynamic Bond 6.4%
    Rathbone Ethical Bond Inc 6%
    Guinness Global Equity Income 5.5%
    Fermat Cat Bond 5.1%
    Candriam Bonds Global High Yield 5%
    European Investment Bank 5.5% 15/04/25 5%
    Fidelity Global Dividend 5%
    KBI Global Sustainable Infrastructure 5%
    M&G Corporate Bond Fund 5%
    Muzinich Emerging Markets 5%
    Ninety One Global Quality Dividend Growth 5%
    Ruffer Total Return 5%
    International Finance Corporation 5.5% 22/07/26 4%
    Prusik Asian Equity Income 3%
    Pacific North of South EM Equity Income Opportunities 3%
    Cash 2.6%
    iShares £ Ultrashort Bond 2.1%

Our Investment Process

We invest into global trends and themes that we believe will benefit from these long-term changes. These are not passing trends or fads, but ongoing phenomena supported by independent evidence.

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