Community & CSR

Priaulx Library - Guernsey


Each year Ravenscroft sponsors the Priaulx Library's garden exhibition, which attracts thousands of islanders and visitors.

As part of our continuing support of the library, we have also donated a number of vital pieces of equipment including a display cabinet and more recently a digital kiosk and large screen so that information about the library, its collections and exhibitions is easily available.

Having recently undertaken a glass plate preservation project, the Priaulx Library’s 2024 exhibition – Projecting the past: The Priaulx Library’s photographs on glass – will feature glass plates spanning more than 100 years, many of which have neve before been on public view. The images encapsulate the lives and experiences of islanders in peacetime, in war, at work and at leisure.

The exhibition will open from the start of July and run throughout the summer.