Risk Appetite Statement

Risk profile

Ravenscroft sets out its risk appetite statement via its website to all who wish to see, demonstrating an open and transparent culture and allowing its client an opportunity to understand the firm’s risk profile.  The Statement was last reviewed by ExCo on 22 September 2019 and RHL on 24 September 2020 and is set out below:

“The Group’s approach is to minimise its exposure to reputational, compliance and financial risk, whilst accepting and encouraging an increased degree of risk in pursuit of its mission and objectives, set out in its strategic plan and key risk documents set out below.

It recognises that its appetite for risk varies according to the activity undertaken, and that its acceptance of risk is subject always to ensuring that potential benefits and risks are fully understood before developments are authorised, and that sensible measures to mitigate risk are established.

As a result the Group manages its financial operations to attain a reasoned risk/return relationship, which serves as a guideline for acceptable credit risks, market risks, and liquidity risks.  The Group’s business operations also involve risks related to strategic, reporting, compliance, and operations objectives.  All these risks will be identified, managed and assessed within a general risk management framework which includes the following key documents, the Business Risk Assessment the Conduct Risk Assessment, the Risk Management Framework and the associated Compliance Monitoring Plan.

The Group reviews its risk appetite annually adjusting it by type of risk and if appropriate setting target values for risk‐specific indicators in light of the economic cycle and market prospects. The Group’s Board of Directors and its Risk Committee review the top 5 net risks and their associated controls and emerging risks quarterly and align its strategy, processes, technology and people in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness.”

Focus and Purpose

  • Ravenscroft's long term objective is to be a leading investment services business, with a reputation for exceptional client service and relationships, integrity and accountability.
  • Our ambition is to provide investments for everyone; from £5k to £500 million and from savings through to private equity.
  • We will do this through offering a broad range of investment services to meet clients' needs and by being friendly, accessible and transparent; enabling clients to understand exactly how investing works, what they are invested into and why.