Advisory Investment Service | Toby Peatfield
02 Sep 19

Weekly update - Not all bad

After a summer of Stokes and not much else, the gloom is palpable as the population trudges back to work on the first working day of September. The return to routine and not much to look forward to is hiked up by the need to realign ourselves with Brexit. Still the conundrum remains unsolved and the increasingly desperate measures are proof enough that the barrel is being well and truly scraped.

A general election would appear to be the only way forward, based on manifestos of total conviction rather than flimsy promises. I wouldn’t mind so much but the actual cause of all this (and potentially dangerous) split is an institution which itself is far removed from effective.

As Ambrose flamboyantly wrote in the Telegraph, “the European Union is a supranational regime guided by a Commission with quasi-executive powers that operates on an ideological priesthood”.

Anyway back to the day job and the market concerns itself with Trump and China, Hong Kong (which will evolve into a tragedy that the Western powers will ignore) and the bond bubble. As my colleagues have previously pointed out the attraction of meagre or negative bond yields causes a search for alternatives and the equity market is an obvious solution.

Trouble is valuations are looking a bit rich and real value is getting harder to find. However if we dare to believe that sooner or later the UK will commit to a Brexit decision, the well of ignored domestic assets is a deep one. It’s no surprise that overseas predators are eyeing up our overlooked companies (Greene King for instance).

With or without a deal with the EU, money will eventually surge into the UK picking off assets undervalued by the political impasse.

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