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01 Jun 20

St Peter Port bunting - Guernsey Retail Group

New bunting for St Peter Port, which was purchased last year by Ravenscroft, went up in May after a delay due to lockdown.

It was due to go up in April but this was delayed due to lockdown. With restrictions beginning to ease, permission was given for the bunting to be put up with the help of Event Services, who provided their time at a discounted rate and put the multi-coloured bunting up in Lower Pollet, La Plaiderie, Pollet, Smith Street, High Street, Mill Street and Fountain Street with help from volunteers and the Guernsey Retail Group. The bunting in the Arcade, which needs to be put up by ladders, was put up by a team from Ravenscroft.

In 2019, there was doubt that the tradition of the colourful bunting being hung throughout Town could continue. The Town Centre Partnership, which had responsibility for it, was on the verge of disbanding and didn’t have the funds to pay for the hire of the crane. Most of the bunting was also in poor condition and volunteer numbers had dwindled.

Following a plea from TCP, Ravenscroft agreed to pay for the 2019 costs and buy 12,500m of new bunting. At the end of last year, the Guernsey Retail Group agreed to take responsibility for arrangements with Ravenscroft continuing to cover the costs of the crane.

‘This is a brilliant example of Guernsey businesses and organisations coming together for the benefit of the island. Town wouldn’t have looked the same without the bunting and we hope that it will make a difference. We know summer in Guernsey will be unusual this year but we are lucky to live in such a beautiful place and hopefully people will appreciate the bunting when they are shopping in Town and supporting local businesses,’ said Andrew Pouteaux who was on TCP and co-ordinated this year’s efforts.