Charities & Communities
26 Feb 20

Pride of Jersey - Angel of the Year

Ravenscroft has been sponsoring the Angel of the Year category at the Pride of Jersey Awards since it was first launched and you can find out more about this year's Awards here.

The Angel of the Year award recognises those individuals and teams who dedicate their lives to looking after people at a time they need it the most.The hours are long and often anti-social, the work can be tiring and unglamorous but the care and support they give never wanes.

2019's winner, Laura Douglas works with children with learning difficulties and volunteers with charities. Laura works at Mont à l’Abbé School, and does extra work for other care providers when she can. She has previously worked in a variety of care settings, including the Le Geyt Centre in St Saviour. She also volunteers with the charity Healing Waves, which takes those with disabilities and health conditions down to the beach so they can safely take part in water sport activities.

Cassie Devereux, who also works at Mont à l’Abbé and nominated Ms Douglas, said that she ‘spends lots of her free time offering her support to others and helping them access things that we may all take for granted’.

'One of the most inspiring things about Laura, and what I feel is one of her best qualities, is that she really doesn’t see that what she’s doing is anything but normal. Her modesty is so incredibly humbling. Laura goes above and beyond on a daily basis to ensure people in her company are happy and smiling.'

‘It has been really overwhelming' said Laura, 'I am actually in shock. When I first got the call in July to say that I had been nominated I thought it was a prank. I just feel so humble to have been in a room with so many deserving and inspiring people.'