Arts & Culture
25 Jan 21

Priaulx Library - Guernsey

Each year Ravenscroft sponsors the Priaulx Library's garden exhibition which attracts thousands of islanders and visitors. As part of our continuing support of the library, we have also donated a number of vital pieces of equipment including a display cabinet and more recently a digital kiosk and large screen so that information about the library, its collections and exhibitions is easily available.

The 2020 exhibition was entitled Occupation and Liberation.

'While the 75th anniversary of our liberation was not celebrated as we had hoped, we still wanted to commemorate it and we were delighted that, thanks to Ravenscroft, we could do so with our popular garden exhibition,' said Sue Laker, chief librarian at the Priaulx Library.

There was no garden exhibition in 2021 due to the library focusing on archiving and administration following the lockdowns. Hopefully an exhibition will go ahead in summer 2022