25 Jan 21

Guernsey Hockey - U14s & U16s

For the past five years we have supported the development of Guernsey Hockey's youth teams. This has enabled the players to benefit from tours to the UK, playing other teams of the same age in friendlies and tournaments. Additionally Guernsey Hockey has been able to bring over UK coaches. 

Over the season 2019-20 (which was unfortunately curtailed due to the coronavirus lockdown) there were a number of successful trips for the girls' and boys' teams. 'Having the opportunity to play against UK sides is invaluable to our younger players. The camaraderie between the players is much stronger after an away trip and they have the opportunity to test out the plays they have practised in training,' said Nigel Cashin from Guernsey Hockey.

Ravenscroft provided additional funding to enable a tournament with the Isle of Man to go ahead, however due to the travel restrictions no trips were able to take place during the 20/21 season. 

Island hockey has restarted for the 2021/22 season and we are hopful that the teams will be able to travel at some point, as well as receive visting coaches.