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31 Oct 21

True Grit Wetwheels - Jersey

Ravenscroft was the gold sponsor of the inaugural True Grit Wetwheels Challenge, a fun, but challenging adventure course across different terrains around Ronez Quarry on Jersey’s north coast. The event saw hundreds of runners start 36 metres below sea level and then race to the top in what was a test of competitors’ physical and mental strength as well as their endurance. The event was created to raise money and awareness for Wetwheels Jersey, who provide disabled islanders the chance to experience the excitement of being out at sea. Wetwheels boats are truly unique by being fully accessible – not just giving people the chance to be a passenger, but also to take the helm as the skipper.

Unfortunately the True Grit Wetwheels Challenge, planned for October 2021, had to be postponed and we are waiting for a new date to be set. You can find out more at