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19 Nov 21

Pride of Jersey - Angel of the Year

The Pride of Jersey Awards, organised by the Jersey Post, were launched in 2016, and Ravenscroft has been a proud sponsor of them since the beginning. Each year, Ravenscroft sponsor the Angel of the Year category to recognise nurses, doctors and health workers who dedicate their careers to looking after not only islanders' wellbeing but, in many cases, saving lives.

After the 2020 awards were postponed due to coronavirus, everyone was happy to see their return this year and islanders could recognise the amazing work done by those in our community. You can find out more about the awards here.

This year Angel of the Year was presented to Janni Boon, who was nominated by his mother. Janni works full-time at Skills Jersey, helping young islanders to find a sense of purpose. He also works in the evenings and weekends for Autism Jersey, helps young adults through working with Children’s Services, and has given up time on Christmas Day to work as a volunteer for the Samaritans.

His selection was made even more special when he announced that he would be donating his prize money to five charities (Autism Jersey, St Brelade’s Youth Club, Silkworth Lodge’s youth residential unit Hope House, Skills Jersey and Children’s Services’ ‘Field View’), saying that it if it wasn’t for them, he wouldn’t have won the award.

When we heard how incredibly generous he was being, we didn't hesitate to match the money he donated so that more young people can benefit.

We are proud to confirm our continued our sponsorship of the Pride of Jersey Awards for 2022.