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24 Sep 21

Pride of Guernsey - Angel of the Year

Ravenscroft has supported the Pride of Guernsey Awards, organised by the Guernsey Press, since they launched in 2016 and you can find out more about the awards here. We sponsor the Angel of the Year category to recognise nurses, doctors and health workers who dedicate their careers to looking after not only islanders' wellbeing but in many cases saving lives.

As expected, the selfless dedication of so many during the coronavirus outbreak was recognised at the 2020 Pride of Guernsey Awards. The winner, Kate Corcoran, had dedicated her life to nursing, health education and support. As a school nurse, when the pandemic hit, she was unable to work but volunteered to go back to hands-on nursing and was seconded to a care home where she nursed a number of patients who were seriously ill with Covid-19.

‘In spite of the risk to herself and her family she unreservedly committed herself to their care. With her calm and professional manner, and her smiling face, there can be no doubt that she would have made a major difference to the other members of staff at the home, the patients and their families. She is a very calm and caring nurse who puts others before herself,’ said her nominator.

‘Kate is devoted to her patients and loved by all who come in contact with her.’

We are once again supporting Pride of Guernsey awards in 2021 and the awards take place on Saturday 3rd October.