07 Mar 23

Guernsey Hockey - U14s & U16s

For several years we have supported the development of Guernsey Hockey's youth teams. This has enabled the players to benefit from tours to the UK, playing other teams of the same age in friendlies and tournaments. Additionally Guernsey Hockey has brought over UK coaches to provide more specialist training. 

The 2022/23 season has seen the full return of travel between the islands and to the UK, so the teams get the benefit of playing matches in their own age groups. The first round of the inter-insulars was contested in Guernsey. The boys' u16 team then travelled to the UK to play in Tier 2 of the England Hockey Championships for their age group and were unlucky not to progress into the second round. In February they also had a day trip to Surrey to play three different local age group teams. 

At the end of March all four teams travel to Jersey for the return leg of the inter-insulars, hoping to reclaim some silverware!